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Windows server monitoring.

Windows server metrics, beautifully presented, on all your devices.

Install our agent in seconds to get live and historical statistics on your Windows servers performance.

We'll alert you of problems to catch failures and prevent downtime. So your users aren’t affected!

Easy Windows server monitoring and alerting.


Display & compare your metrics, your way.

Use our Windows dashboards to spot negative trends over time, whilst our powerful monitoring graphs allow you to compare metrics and dig deeper. You can also access all your data through a comprehensive API.

  • Server Density
    System > Disk usage is 90% for C: (greater than 85%).
  • Server Density
    IIS > Requests per second is 45 rps: (greater than 30 rps).
  • Server Density cluster-win.gcompute.internal
    SQLserver> Active transactions is 15 (greater than 10).
  • and more … Just set up custom notifications using webhooks.

Windows alerts, everywhere.

Flexible monitoring alerts that fire on all your devices with native apps, email, integrations and free SMS credits.

All of your devices.

Monitor your Windows servers from anywhere, not just from your desk.

TV Dashboards

TV Dashboards

Setup your Windows monitoring dashboard for our tvOS app. Compare key metrics, highlight problem areas and spot trends in your data over time.



Full and thorough control of your metrics, alerts and users. Our browser app is the base of a good workflow, or if you prefer - we have a full REST API.

Mobile alerts

Mobile alerts

Get your account alerts anywhere. Our native iOS and Android apps will notify you of major system events on your Windows servers.

All the metrics you need.

Advanced Windows monitoring by default. Use either the Server Density
agent or a community contributed agent, both Open Source!

CPU Memory Disk Usage Network IO Processes Services and more …

Over 1,000 awesome customers.

Signup takes a few seconds, setup takes a few minutes. Bulletproof Windows monitoring out of the box.
Save time and effort with our simple, reliable and flexible monitoring.

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