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Dedicated customer support / 'human load balancers'.
Keeping 98% of customers happy over the last 6 months.


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Support is a great reason to choose our hosted server monitoring.
Any problems, questions or concerns? Get in touch, we don't bite!

Our commitment

Fast response time +
knowledgeable team =
quicker answers.

How long will you wait?

  • Phone pickup within 2 rings
  • 60 secs chat support response
  • 1 hour ticket and email response

Our resources

Most of the information you need is accessible
all the time, up to date and comprehensive.

Your feedback

We learn from your problems and treasure your suggestions,
incorporating them into our processes and product.

1. We receive your issues.

There’s a range of ways you can contact our support, we want to suit your workflow as best as we can.

2. We integrate the results.

Your feedback is integrated into our product development at different stages, based on what we learn, fix or discover.

Customer Success

Support is not just about reacting to questions or issues.
It's also about being proactive, and helping customers get the most value.

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