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Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Monitoring Dashboards

Server monitoring widget overviewse

Server monitoring tools shouldn't just be reactive.

Increase uptime by spotting negative trends in your data. Create and customise multiple views with different metrics, layouts and widgets.

Server monitoring graph widget

Graphing Widget

Graph anything against anything and watch how things change over time. Build an understanding of what's normal… so you know when things aren't as normal.

Server monitoring elastic widget

Elastic Graphs Widget

Plot all the metrics for devices or services matching a search term. This means we'll automagically display new devices and / or remove old ones for you. You're welcome.

Server monitoring alerts widget

Alerts Widget

Alerts tend to need fixing - don't lose track of them. Our alerts widget allows you to see aggregated alerts for devices, groups or your entire infrastructure.

Response time widget

Service Status Widget

Get an up to date feed of the status of your services from over 25 locations around the world. Is your website up? Is is loading quickly for your customers in Iceland?

Cloud status widget

Cloud Status Widget

If things look like they're going wrong, you'll want to know about problems with your hosting provider. Get RSS feeds on the service status of the Cloud provider of choice.

RSS monitoring widget

RSS Feed Widget

RSS is handy, pull any feed you want and show the it on your dashboard. It's a good idea to have status pages of some key services, or just something fun like XKCD.

Flexible Alerting

  • Email
  • SMS
  • WebhooksWebhooks
  • PagerdutyPagerduty
  • HipchatHipchat
  • SlackSlack
iPhone notifications

Or simply use the API to get everything set up:

# e.g. easily set alerts
> curl -X POST

and to get a feed of triggered alerts:

# e.g. easily get all open alerts
> curl -X GET


Timely Alerts

Alerts can be configured with great detail. Setup all metrics, conditions and specific values on the fly and never miss a bad spike, ever.
We give you lots of alert delivery options. Select a recipient: person, pagerduty, webhook… Delay and repeat to get notified as often / much as you need.

Or simply use the API to get everything set up:

# e.g. easily set alerts
> curl -X POST

Notification Center Notification
iPhone notification App notifications
SMS notifications
Create custom alert callbacks and automate your tasks.

and to get a feed of triggered alerts:

# e.g. easily get all open alerts
> curl -X GET

Monitoring Graphs

  • Control
  • Correlate
  • Context
  • Compare
  • Snapshots
  • API
Pick a timeframe: last hour, day, week… or choose custom time ranges across all the available data.
Full control: show and hide time series, and plot them on left/right axis to suit.
Focus on what matters: filter out the time series you don't care about. Customise your display to only show certain series.
Switch between stacked and overlayed time series, zoom into the graph to see smaller variations.

A complete view of your infrastructure.

In depth control over all your metrics. Create graphs for any default or custom device.

Device metric graph
The vertical layout and multiple syncronized tooltips gives you an instant insight into any correlation between spikes across different time series.

Discover correlations between spikes or trends across different metrics.

Device metric graph correlation
Every device comes with an intuitive overview, showing main system stats a summary of your its health.
Alongside trending we also display the latest values received from the server.

One click overview

Inspect the complete state of devices in one view.
Drill down from here for closer inspection.

Device overview
Key in a wildcards and plot the same metrics across all devices. It updates automatically for every new device. Set then forget!
Inspect and compare metrics within the maximized graph view. Pick time, graph type, series. Change axes assignment and graph zoom.

Compare metrics across devices. Set once and see new devices graphed automatically.

Maximized wildcard graph widget
Navigate through the different points in time and get the exact values at the exact moment that something happened.
Providing context to understand whether a value is 'good' or 'bad'.

View the health of a device with snapshots for any given moment in time.

Device snapshot

Graph data through the API

You can access data using the api, here’s how you list your metrics:

# e.g. get available metrics
> curl -X GET[serverId]

or here's how you retrieve the datapoints:

# e.g. get historical metrics data
> curl -X GET[serverId]

Since we’re on the subject… let’s talk data

Track your tech metrics

FreeBSD, Windows, OS X and Linux server monitoring that's great
out of the box + fully flexible with custom plugins.

50+ integrations

Monitoring integrations More about integrations


Build your own plugins in no time and collect any custom metrics you dream of.

Plugin documentation

Detailed API

You can access alert and metric data through
our API easily, but it doesn't stop there.…

One liner… automate server monitoring

# e.g. automate device creation and monitoring
> curl -v \ --data name=Llama

Trustworthy Specs

We invest a lot of resources into building a powerful infrastructure,
it's worth more than you might think. Stick to monitoring, we'll do the rest.


250TB incoming data processed per month

We process huge volumes of incoming time series data from server or web metrics and custom plugins so you're in safe hands with thousands of other customers.


Deployed across multiple redundant data centers

Server Density can survive the failure of an entire data center with no customer impact, ensuring your monitoring is more reliable than the systems it is watching!


Let us scale
with you

Forget about handling huge volumes of metrics and making your graphs fast to load, we already operate at huge scale and add necessary capacity as we grow.

Worldwide access

Worldwide POPs network POPs

We use over 30 different network POPs in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia so you can access our services quickly, wherever you are.

Guaranteed alerting

Guaranteed alert delivery

Let us do the work with global SMS providers, guaranteed email delivery and reliable push notifications so you be sure you will always get your alerts.

Signup takes a few seconds, setup takes a few minutes. Bulletproof monitoring out of the box + endless ways to customize.
Save time and effort with our simple, reliable server monitoring

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