We are drowning in data.

Increasingly complex IT systems are generating so much data that it has become impossible for humans to monitor everything.

Lack of insight

Alert overload and dashboards are too limited.

Loss of productivity

The majority of time is spent firefighting rather than doing important work.

Stress and fatigue

Incidents triggering alerts around the clock.
It's overwhelming.

Imagine a world with zero outages.

Your customers are never impacted.
Your team is never woken up.
Help is here

Enter the Robots.

Every metric from multiple sources, monitored in real time, 24/7.


Easily spot problematic trends, behavior changes or cyclical patterns.


Intelligently determine when to flag potential hazards to the human operators to investigate.


Predict when these potential hazards might escalate into an incident.
The future

Introducing your Health Center.

A real-time snapshot of potential hazards on a prioritized timeline.

At-a-glance timeline to prioritize what needs immediate attention.
Snapshot of detected hazards.
Drill down directly into the data source to investigate in more detail.
Want to be a part of shaping the future of monitoring?