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NGINX monitoring guides, videos, tutorials

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Nginx plugin metrics

A better way to monitor NGINX and boost the performance of your servers.

Start monitoring your NGINX performance in minutes.

  • Deep integration into NGINX with 2 official plugins
  • Advanced server monitoring alerts
  • Worldwide availability monitoring
  • Graph your entire infrastructure


Good News! Server Density has plugin support for NGINX. Sign up to monitor, graph and create alerts on your metrics right away.

OSs: Linux

Author: Server Density

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NGINX Plus customer?

NGINX server monitoring

Nginx Plus

For NGINX Plus customers we provide a comprehensive plugin for collecting all your metrics, and the installation is super quick.

OSs: Linux, FreeBSD 10

Author: Server Density

Install NGINX Plus for SD

Custom plugins and API

Along with support for NGINX and NGINX Plus, you can also create and customise plugins through our open source code, or pull in any other metrics you need through our API.

From our YouTube channel:

Monitoring NGINX Hangout.

Joined by Rick Nelson from NGINX, Inc, together we'll to take you through: key metrics to monitor; non-critical metrics to monitor; alerts to set on production; and tools for monitoring NGINX.

From our blog:

How to monitor NGINX tutorial

An advanced tutorial on how to monitor NGINX. Outputting handled requests, the throughput, and the amount of active / read / write / keep-alive connections.

Other resources:

How to configure NGINX as a load balancer

Configuring an NGINX load balancer with suggestions for NGINX conf options for logging, backend, upstream load balancer.

Deploying NGINX with Puppet

How to deploy NGINX with Puppet using Puppet Forge NGINX modules, plus some tweaks to allow parameterized configuration.

NGINX resources

Learn about how people use NGINX and how it benefits them from the official resources page.

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