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Nagios plugins

(without Nagios) #monitoringlove

Get the plugin: Install Nagios for SD
Nagios plugin metrics

Run all your existing Nagios plugins.
Without Nagios.

Switching to our Nagios alternative couldn't be easier.

  • Simple sd-agent plugin will execute your Nagios plugins
  • Website monitoring from 26 locations worldwide
  • Advanced and fully flexible monitoring alerts
  • Secure, reliable and scalable hosted solution
  • Beautiful graphing and dashboards


If you're using Nagios and want to move, you won't want to rewrite all your Nagios plugins - we took care of that for you!

OSs: Linux, FreeBSD and Mac

Author: Server Density

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Nagios without the headache

Nagios monitoring


This sd-agent plugin will execute your Nagios plugins, then report the data back to Server Density.

OSs: Linux, FreeBSD and Mac

Author: Server Density

Install Nagios for SD

Build your own plugins with our API

We're a simple Nagios alternative and we've kept that theme going forward. Create and customise your own plugins using our open source code, or pull in any other metrics you need through our HTTP JSON API.

From our blog:

Nagios Alternative - Cost Calculator

Nagios is open source, it isn't free. Here's how Server Density compare as a great Nagios alternative. Not just with features, but with a justifiable price.

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Nagios Alternative

How Server Density compare to Nagios, with features and pricing both considered.

The Monitoring Plugins Project

The Monitoring Plugins Development Team, maintain a bundle of more than fifty standard plugins.

A workflow
that's a breeze.

Install agent and
custom plugins
Relax! we do the graphs,
and alert you.