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MongoDB monitoring guides, videos, tutorials

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MongoDB plugin metrics

Monitor MongoDB clusters quickly, easily and more comprehensively.

The first step in boosting your MongoDB performance.

  • 2 official MongoDB plugins for a deeper integration
  • Website monitoring from 26 locations worldwide
  • Advanced and fully flexible monitoring alerts
  • Beautiful graphing and dashboards


Hold the phone! Server Density has built-in support for MongoDB. Sign up now to monitor your MongoDB performance right away.

OSs: Linux, FreeBSD and Mac

Author: Server Density

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Need a deeper integration?

MongoDB monitoring

MongoDB monitoring

If you need a more in depth overview of the state of your MongoDB databases, we've developed a dedicated plugin -
please visit our GitHub repo for more information.

OSs: Linux

Author: Server Density

Install MongoDB for SD

Build your own plugins with our API

It's incredibly easy to monitor MongoDB with Server Density and we've kept that theme going forward. Create and customise your own plugins using our open source code, or pull in any other metrics you need through our API.

From our YouTube channel:

Monitoring MongoDB Hangout.

Joined by Paul Done, Solution Architect for MongoDB, we take you though the do's and don'ts of monitoring MongoDB. Critical and non critical metrics to monitor and important alerts to configure.

From our blog:

How to monitor MongoDB tutorial

An advanced tutorial on how to monitor MongoDB. Outputting handled requests, the throughput, and the amount of active / read / write / keep-alive connections.

Other resources:

Does everyone hate MongoDB?

A technical look at the: 'why MongoDB sucks' and 'why I'm migrating from MongoDB' community posts.

Notes from a production MongoDB deployment

Running one of the first (and largest) MongoDB deployments means we've learnt a thing or two about it…

MongoDB Community

Getting involved in the MongoDB community is a great way to build relationships.

A workflow
that's a breeze.

Install agent and
custom plugins
Relax! we do the graphs,
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