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ops dashboard

Oversee your entire infrastructure through your devops dashboard.

DevOps Dashboard
Our Server Density office dashboard
Ops dashboard uptime widget

Web check widget. Is your website or TCP socket responding? Can you get to 100% uptime?

Ops dashboard RSS widget

RSS Feed widget. Pull in the latest entries from any RSS feeds. Stay up to date from a single dashboard.

Ops dashboard open alerts widget

Open Alerts widget. Quickly see alerts across your whole infrastructure or at a group / server level.

Ops dashboard custom server graphs

Custom graph widget. Plot custom graphs with any metric from any device or web check.
Spot spikes and unusual patterns across your entire infrastructure, at a glance.

Ops dashboard cloud status widget
Our Ops dashboard supports all of the following cloud providers.

Cloud Status Widget. Get live updates about the status of all of the major cloud providers.
Find out about issues from a single location across all your vendors.

Create your own server monitoring graphs.
View and organize all your graphs.
Search your inventory and plot your own monitoring graph
Check your load average against your website response time.
Resizeable Dashboard Widgets
Resizeable Dashboard Widgets
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