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Monitoring dashboards
in a few clicks /commands

Create, customise and share monitoring dashboards
with your DevOps team. Spot spikes; not outages.

Monitoring Dashboard

DevOps Dashboard Widgets

Alerts Dashboard Widget

Open Alert Widget.

Monitor the number of open alerts across your whole infrastructure or at a group / server level.

Website Monitoring Dashboard Widget

Service Monitor Widget.

Is your website or TCP socket responding? Can you get to 100% uptime?

Latest Value Widget

Latest Value Widget.

Part of a server monitoring dashboard. Get the latest value of any metric that Server Density is monitoring.

RSS Widget

Cloud status widget.

Get live updates about the status of all of the major cloud providers. Find out about issues from a single location across all your vendors.

Graphs Widget

Graph any metric you can find.

Plot custom graphs with any metric from any device or web check. Spot spikes and unusual patterns across your entire infrastructure, at a glance.

Elastic Graphs Widget

Elastic graphs for elastic clouds.

Key in a wildcard (or use a regex pattern) and plot the same metrics across all devices. It updates automatically for every new device. Set then forget!

Monitoring Graph Spike

Spot Spikes.
Not outages.

Server monitoring dashboards are a great tool for spotting trends over time. Build an understanding of the load on your servers so you can spot problems before they become outages.

DevOps Dashboard Specs


  • 8 dashboard widget types
  • Drag, drop and resize widgets
  • No limitation on requests
  • Left and right axis graphs
  • Compare any metrics

Key Features

  • Auto refresh every minute
  • API + Plugins for all metrics
  • Custom user permissions
  • Personal, private dashboards
  • Setup takes minutes
  • Share dashboards with your team
Alfred Dobradi

Wow, messing around in @serverdensity's dashboard feels so natural. I wonder why I only tried it now.

~ Alfred Dobradi.

Mum, we're on the telly!

Our monitoring dashboards are perfect for office TVs, iPads, Microsoft Surfaces and more. Making them as easy to view as they are to setup.

DevOps Dashboard

Now available at an Apple TV App Store near you!

Dashboards made for DevOps teams.

Add users to your account, adjust permissions and make global / private dashboards to collaborate with your team. Websockets mean changes appear in real time accross accounts and browsers.

Private Dashboards.

Private DevOps Dashboards

Collaborate with team dashboards, create personal dashboards or just about anything in between.

User Permissions.

Dashboard Permissions

Limit access to certain metrics, dashboards and / or views within your Server Density account.

DevOps Integrations

Chef Documentation Hipchat Integration Ansible Documentation Slack Integration Pagerduty Integration Puppet Cookbook

Our dashboards are built with all of the major cloud providers in mind. We also work well with a lot of the tools you're already using.

UI or API?

// Creating A New Dashboard
curl -v \ --data name=dashname

How do you like to work? Create dashboards automatically with Puppet, Chef etc. Use our API to manage your entire account.