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furryLogic case study

Peace of mind delivered in SMS form. offers WordPress development, design and emergency recovery services, as well as managed WordPress hosting services.

What do they monitor?

The JohnOverall stack — what's powering their service.

Server Density have been trusted with monitoring this.

We're not alone. are using Hipchat alongside Server Density.
Check out our integration with Hipchat.

How did it happen?

A problem existed. needed to find a system that offered a faster response to potential server issues, so they could offer customers more uptime - instead of having to manually reboot servers if / when overloads occurred.

Speedy setup. Using the UI, were able complete their setup in no time at all:

  • Pulling in custom metrics to provide with appropriate trigger values.
  • Setup of SMS alerts to notify of any issues.
  • Peace of mind that customer servers were being monitored successfully.

Houston, we have a problem. were subject to some serious hacking attempts, but received warning in enough time to avert the attacks and therefore keep their customers websites running like normal. is covered. They can relax, knowing that they’ll be notified of any potential overloads or hacking attempts in time to fix them quickly and minimise or better still - avoid downtime in the future.

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We’re glad to know there’s nothing don’t like about our service, and that they can trust us to alert them to any potential problems!

Learn more on their website, or on Twitter.