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iPhone server monitoring app.

Alerts, recent spikes, users and accounts. All on your iPhone.

Server Density for iPhone

Trust our reliable alerts

Don't stay glued to your desk, get push notifications on the go.
Server Density provides many ways to be notified.

good old email

in-app notification center

mobile SMSs and push

But it’s not just about being notified.

Assess & fix

  • Once you get push notifications you can immediately check the metric status.
  • Visualize your alerts with simple and clear sparklines (mobile versions of our beautiful graphs).
  • Then drill down into the alert detail to get more information and context.
  • You’re now ready to fix the issue.
iPhone monitoring alerts app Server Monitoring App

Custom notification sounds

Don't confuse critical alerts with any other ringtone.
Set your custom notification sound.

Delays On Delays
Desk Bell
Digital Sprinkle
Falling Blips
Glass Tones
Manori Stabs
Solo Bell
Space Hop
Space Ring

Let’s recap

Set custom sound
Get notifications

Get the Server Density app now,
and leave your desk behind.

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