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iPhone server monitoring app

Server monitoring push notifications. Alerts on your iPhone, wherever you are.

Server Monitoring app alert list screen
Server Monitoring app open alerts screen
Server Monitoring app closed alerts screen
Server Monitoring app login screen
Server Monitoring Comic Strip

1Toshi was getting confused between messages from his friends and his alerts from Server Density. So he set his custom alert sound.

Server Monitoring Comic Strip

2When his disks failed at 2:00am on Tuesday he got woken up to the sound of his custom alert!

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Server Monitoring Comic Strip

3A quick glance at his iPhone enabled Toshi to see the alert and identify quickly what it might be affecting in the context of his entire account, through the notification center. Once he knew that his disks had failed, Toshi wanted to quickly know how else that was affecting his infrastructure so he swiped the alert to bring up his individual / entire account view of open and closed alerts... Leaving him to ponder what the problem was on the way to his computer.

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Server Monitoring Comic Strip

4The Server Density app isn’t super complicated or over engineered, and its use case is very simple - alerting. It’s for getting alerted of issues and assessing their impact on your infrastructure. It’s there to give you a headstart on the problem; what's being affected and how, before going to fix it. So here’s Toshi, fixing the problem and returning to sleep.

So let's recap

Log in to your account.

Don’t have one? Signup for free.

Set your alert sound.

Custom sounds just for our app.

Detailed notifications.

Give your brain a headstart.

Fix the problem.

Get on your computer and fix away.

Before anything else though, you need to
download the app