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We offer 100+ and growing integrations, so you can track data from any of the tech you use.

Agent built-in

Our agent ships with built-in support for tons of technologies.

Alerts for your team

Our notification dispatch integrates with your team communication platforms.

OS metrics

We collect all base system metrics for your server OS.

Cloud providers

We give you control over cloud instances, across providers and geographies.


Our agent can be deployed in tandem with your existing automations.

Collect data with custom plugins

While we integrate by default with the above tech, we have an open architecture
and you can create your custom plugin to collect any metrics you need.

Integrate via API pulls

You can manage and pull your data using a comprehensive API.

# e.g. easily set alerts
> curl -X POST

# e.g. easily get all open alerts
> curl -X GET

API docs

Dedicated support.

Think we'll take days to answer your questions / problems? Think again. On average our support team responds to business hour tickets in < 1 hour.

Signup takes a few seconds, setup takes a few minutes.

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