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furryLogic BV case study

Monitoring made easier with mobile apps

Multi-sourcing candidates for some of the most highly sought after job positions.

What do they monitor?

The BV stack.

Server Density have been trusted with monitoring this.

We're not alone. BV are using Github and Puppet alongside Server Density.

How did it happen?

A problem existed. BV needed a customisable, affordable solution to help them monitor their servers. Primarily they needed an alerting system that was flexible enough to notify their DevOps team of issues - wherever they are.

Speedy setup. Using Puppet to automate the agent install process made Server Density an easy and quick solution to set-up:

  • Easy on the eye interface.
  • An iOS app to provide them with “on the go” alerts.
  • Fully customisable and flexible monitoring.

Houston, we have a problem. When one of BV’s servers was dangerously close to capacity, Server Density’s iOS alerts came to the rescue. Swiftly notifying their DevOps team of the increase and allowing them to quickly react to the situation. BV can relax; safe in the knowledge that wherever they are, they’ll be notified should there be any issues with their servers. Their team of Managers, DevOps and Developers can concentrate on the job at hand, rather than worrying about something going wrong.

Sounding familiar? BV started with one of our free trials.

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Server Density  ♥ BV

We’re glad that we’ve helped BV avoid server overload, and hope we can continue to offer flexible, affordable monitoring solutions to them for years to come.

Learn more on their website, or on Twitter.