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Hostingindustries case study

"Server monitoring that works for you"

Hosting provider for small company's and private indivuduals that need a high grade of service for website, web applications and e-mail.

What do they monitor?

The Hostingindustries stack — what's powering their service.

Server Density have been trusted with monitoring this.

We're not alone.

Hostingindustries are also using Pagerduty alongside Server Density to keep everything running smoothly. Check out our native integration with Pagerduty.

How did it happen?

A problem existed. Hostingindustries needed a monitoring system that allowed them to not only keep an eye on their servers and stats, but also to alert them automatically if something wasn’t right.

Speedy setup. Using the UI, Hostingindustries were able complete their setup in no time at all:

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Setup of customised dashboard to provide at a glance metrics in real time for all their servers.
  • Alert system put in place to notify Operations of any issues.

Houston, we have a problem. Hostingindustries, like all hosting providers, are at risk from hackers using brute force methods. Server Density alerts allow them to monitor the load and response time of both servers and websites, allowing them to take action quickly if a these issues occur.

Hostingindustries is fully covered. Their operations staff can keep a close eye on all the servers with a dashboard that's easy to read and customisable. Real time alerts allow them to be on the front foot when it comes to security threats, or server issues.

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Server Density  ♥  Hostingindustries

We’re happy that Hostingindustries’ experience with Server Density has been a positive one, and we look forward to helping them provide better uptime to their customers for years to come – thanks Hostingindustries!

Learn more on their website.