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furryLogic case study

Monitoring alerts for speed, flexibility & control.

furryLogic are software engineers specialising in complex, database driven websites and web applications. They offer Consulting, LAMP Stack Development, and Customized Hosting Solutions. Code Well & Prosper!

What do they monitor?

The furryLogic stack — what's powering their service.

Server Density have been trusted with monitoring this.

We're not alone.

furryLogic are using Github, Slack and Harvest alongside Server Density.
Check out our native integration with Slack.

How did it happen?

A problem existed. The Open Source monitoring solution that furryLogic used was no longer cost efficient to implement. Monitoring the status of multiple servers across multiple data centers was difficult; and the lack of a polished GUI meant alerts were hard to configure, inflexible, and of poor quality.

Speedy setup. Using the UI, furryLogic were able complete their setup in no time at all:

  • "The ease of getting the agent installed blew us away."
  • "We are yet to think of an alert we'd want that we couldn't find a way to configure in just a few clicks"
  • furryLogic have complete control over how they receive alerts using a combination of email, SMS, Android app, and Slack.

Houston, we have a problem. furryLogic were able to easily stress test an application by monitoring the server in real time. They identified an area that needed performance improvements and avoided the server becoming unresponsive due to overload come time for launch.

"We never would have been able to do the same thing so efficiently and effectively with Nagios".

furryLogic is covered. Reliable reporting and alerts allow furryLogic to easily keep an eye on things day and night. Not only does that help their team function and sleep better, but it also means they can pass that peace of mind on to their clients, which makes every one happy.

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Nothing pleases us more than happy customers. Thanks furryLogic for trusting us with your precious infrastructure, we won't let you down!

Learn more on their website, or on Twitter.