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Firebox case study

"Everything done for you. Forget $."

Firebox is the shop for an eclectic mix of exclusive, unusual Gifts, Tech, Food, and more.

What do they monitor?

The Firebox stack — what's powering their service.

Server Density is trusted with monitoring this.

We're not alone.

Firebox is also using Github, Chef and Slack alongside Server Density.

How did it happen?

A problem existed. Firebox was limited by the Zabbix monitoring they were using. It was resource intensive, and required a MySQL database cluster + maintenance.

In short, the amount of time Firebox were spending on maintaining Zabbix meant Open Source monitoring no longer made financial sense. So Firebox evaulated other solutions.

Most were too expensive and some were overly complicated. Firebox chose Server Density hosted monitoring: "It gives us a nice middle ground between usability and data experience."

Scalable monitoring. Concentrating on growing their infrastructure, not their monitoring.

  • Server Density was cost effective for Firebox when compared to the price of maintaining their own monitoring solution. Firebox don't worry about the reliability or scale of their monitoring.
  • Firebox wanted to be able to integrate with the other technologies they use. Monitoring integrations made it easy to get custom data from NGINX, post to Slack and / or get alerts on iPhone.
  • Elastic graphs allow Firebox to create dynamic graphs and dashboards from a simple regex search on their server groupings.

Houston, we have a problem. Firebox has an elasticsearch cluster for logs, which can easily fill with 200GB very quickly. Disk usage stats alerts have allowed their DevOps team to keep an eye on things and clean up before problems occur.

Firebox is monitored. Server Density saves the Firebox team time, whilst providing a scalable monitoring tool that they can rely on.

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Server Density  ♥  Firebox

It's great to help such a popular E-commerce site maintain the health of their servers and uptime. We hope to serve them for many more years to come!

Learn more on their website, or on Firebox.