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Event Farm Inc case study

Elastic Graphs for an elastic infrastructure.

Event Farm provides branded invitation, ticketing & guest registration experiences for events: iPad check-in apps & custom event websites unique to your brand.

What do they monitor?

The Event Farm stack — what's powering their service.

Server Density have been trusted with monitoring this.

We're not alone.

Event Farm are also using Slack, Subversion and Ansible alongside Server Density.
Check out our native integration with Slack.

How did it happen?

A problem existed. Event Farm were having difficulty retrieving metrics from several servers that were going on and offline (based on service demand). They were looking for centralised monitoring, at a glance metrics and instant notifications to ensure everything was running well.

Speedy setup. Using the UI, Event Farm were able complete their setup in no time at all:

  • Super fast installation and support.
  • Built custom plugins to show a postfix queue graph and memory graph that considered cache and physical use separately.
  • Customisation of Ops dashboards and alerts for DevOps and Management.

Houston, we have a problem. Event Farm needed instant confirmation that everything was running ok. Server Density’s Elastic graphs made it easy to identify problem areas based on trend data. The DevOps team was then able to fix these issues before they started to affect service availailty.

Event Farm is covered. Whether it’s DevOps or Management, Server Density’s dashboards and alerts allow Event Farm to instantly recognise any problems and act swiftly to ensure there’s no service disruption for their customers.

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Server Density  ♥  Event Farm

We’re glad to be able to help Event Farm quickly see how well all of their servers are performing and offer their customers better uptime! Thanks Event Farm!

Learn more on their website, or on Twitter.