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Country Road Graphics Inc case study

Keeping a thumb on the pulse of all their metrics.

Delivering top notch marketing solutions, from print to web on time, every time.

What do they monitor?

The Country Road Graphics Inc stack.
What's powering their service?

Server Density have been trusted with monitoring this.

We're not alone.

Country Road Graphics Inc are using other software alongside Server Density.

How did it happen?

A problem existed. Country Road Graphics Inc. needed a flexible, customisable and affordable monitoring solution to monitor their multiple servers, and wanted a dashboard that covered what they wanted to know about, when they wanted to know it.

Speedy setup. Country Road’s favourite thing about Server Density is the ability to receive alerts when things aren’t running according to plan, wherever they are.

  • Customised dashboard for an overview of critical metrics.
  • Alerts to iPhone, Android and E-mail.
  • Effortless monitoring of multiple servers and setups.

Houston, we have a problem. When a server unexpectedly went offline, Server Density alerted Country Road Graphics quickly, which enabled them to bring it back up within mere minutes – and most importantly, before they got a call from a frustrated client.

Country Road Graphics Inc is covered. Their DevOps team and Management can take advantage of Server Density’s flexible and customisable dashboard and extensions, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be first to know if something goes awry.

Sounding familiar? Country Road Graphics Inc started with a 14 day free trial:

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We  ♥  Country Road Graphics Inc

We’re glad to help Country Road Graphics “effortlessly” monitor their servers, and we're really happy they trust us with their most valuable asset - their infrastructure. Here's to happy servers for a long time to come!

Learn more on their website.