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Apple TV
Server Monitoring

Display your dashboards on Apple TV

Apple TV Server Monitoring

Monitoring dashboards made simple

Apple TV is now a great way to display infrastructure metrics in the office! Give your dashboard a physical presence and identify negative trends before they become outages. 0 effort needed.

See how.


Get an Apple TV and
plug it to your screen.

Monitoring dashboard control
Widgetised dashboards

Our dashboards are widgetized, auto updating, auto resizing. Compatible with multiple platforms. Want to know more?

Visit our monitoring dashboards page.


In addition to Monitoring Dashboards, we spend every day
building a monitoring tool which boasts features like:

  • Alerting
  • With Tags and User Permissions.
  • Learn more
  • Graphing
  • Multi-series. Correlation. Snapshot.
  • Learn more
  • Integrations
  • 60+ and growing, with plugins, API.
  • Learn more

Oh, and don't forget our mobile apps for iOS and Android:

Server monitoring app

Get detailed alert notifications anywhere. Native monitoring
apps for iOS and Android.

Learn more

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