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android server monitoring

Server monitoring push notifications. Alerts on your android device, wherever you are.

View of your entire Server Monitoring account alerts
View your Server Monitoring open alerts
View your
Server Monitoring app login screen
Set your Android server monitoring alert sound.

1Toshi was getting confused between messages from his friends and his alerts from Server Density. So he set his custom alert sound.

Know what's happening. Everywhere.

2Take your Android device with you anywhere. With background app refreshing, stay secure in the knowldege that you're on top of any issues with your infrastrucure.

Get alerted of any problems.

3Regardless of whether Toshi has jumped off a mountain, or is sat by his desk eating lunch. If something goes wrong our Android app will alert him of the problems with his custom alert sound.

Detailed alerts. Diagnose the problem.

4Toshi can get more detailed alerts than ever before, meaning that he's able to think about the problem (and maybe even solve it) before he gets to his computer.

Get to your computer.

5Toshi could explore his open and closed alerts for his entire Server Density account or just his indivdual one. Giving his head a headstart before he got to the computer.

Fix the problem. Like a boss!

6Instead of ignoring the problem. Check Toshi out, like a young Bruce Willis he's casually flown in on a parachute and is now taking care of it. Yippee ki-yay mother trucker.

So let's recap

Log in to your account.

Don’t have one? Signup for free.

Set your alert sound.

Custom sounds just for our app.

Detailed notifications.

Give your brain a headstart.

Fix the problem.

Get on your computer and fix away.

Before anything else though, you need to
download the app