SaaS Monitoring

Proactive infrastructure monitoring for cloud, servers, containers & websites.
Identify problems before

Server Density is now a StackPath company

StackPath is an intelligent web services platform for security, speed and scale. Secure content delivery network, DDoS and WAF protection from a single, unified platform.

Monitoring essentials

Monitoring dashboards

At-a-glance visualization and detailed troubleshooting.

Spot & diagnose issues

before they become downtime.

Set up in seconds

Cross platform monitoring for Linux, Windows, Docker, Kubernetes, FreeBSD and Mac.

Automatic agent installation using our API and integration with Chef, Puppet, Ansible and SaltStack.

Better together

100+ Integrations

Stay in control

Monitoring alerts

Alert on any metric

Trigger alerts on any data sent to us via our agent, API, SNMP or statsd.

Docker, Kubernetes and container monitoring

Integrate with Kubernetes and Docker for container cluster monitoring.

Alert on errors or other reported state

Regex triggers for matching complex strings and numbers.

Reduce false alerts and floods

Wait and delay options ensure your alerts are real.

Process monitoring

Alert on running processes, services and system resource usage.

Automated alert management

Use our API to create and update alert configuration.

Send alerts to wherever suits you best – whether that's at your desk or on the move

Prefer using code?

Manage your monitoring using our API. Configure alerts, create dashboards and send us data with agentless monitoring via our API.

What people say

Helping maintain uptime and improve performance for critical emergency response systems.
Server Density gave us more control over our monitoring; and more time to focus on important projects.
Effective, extensible, easy to use & cost effective.
Great service and best support.
Great customer service and wonderful product delivery – been using SD for years.
Amazing support, correct pricing and nice UI. I think the feature I love the most is the alerting system.
Simply you are brilliant, thank you.
Fantastic product and a great team working on it.
People first


We don’t just care about helping you deliver against your uptime SLAs, we also care about helping you create a healthy environment for your team.

In fact we care about it so much that we created a community called HumanOps to help share best practices for Operations teams.