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Server monitoring that doesn’t suck.

Helping 1000+ customers monitor 80,000+ servers collecting 2+ billion metrics daily

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Customize all the things

Open source agent, plugin library and full API

Automatic Install

Automatic agent installation for Puppet, Chef and Ansible;
or alternative installer scripts/packages - works in any environment.

50+ integrations

Start monitoring your entire stack in minutes with 50+ integrations. Or build custom ones with our docs.

Kafka HAProxy Jenkins Memcached MongoDB NGINX PostgreSQL RabbitMQ MySQL Redis Docker SQL Server

See our full list of monitoring integrations.

Full API

Our web interface is built using the same APIs available to you, which means you have access to all of your data to use however you’d like.

# e.g. easily get all open alerts
> curl -X GET

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Quickly find out what is really going on

Flexible alerting, beautiful graphing, cloud integrations


Advanced server monitoring alerts

Get notified of problems before they affect your users - email, SMS, push notification, PagerDuty, web hooks. Flexible and configurable per server or on groups.


Graph your infrastructure

Investigate alerts with your own graph dashboards across servers and clusters. Stack, filter and compare all your data, kept forever so you can plan and spot trends

Website monitoring

Worldwide availability monitoring

Why stop at servers? Make sure your websites are up and loading quickly for your customers, wherever they are. We monitor from locations around the world.

Cloud integration

Visibility across cloud providers

Automatically pull in metrics from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Rackspace alongside other dedicated, on-premise or virtualized servers.

Over 1,000 awesome customers.

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