Custom Server Monitoring Dashboards
Manage your infrastructure
  • Control all your servers and websites across providers.
  • Monitor the real time status of your entire infrastructure.
  • Quickly find what you're looking for with search, groups and filtering.
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Our hosted website monitoring software
Monitor your websites
  • Monitor your websites from locations around the world.
  • Analyze response time to maximize the performance of your website for your customers.
  • Get alerts when your site is down, content changes or is too slow.
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Hosted Server Monitoring Software
Monitor your servers
  • Avoid downtime; trigger alerts before things go wrong.
  • Visualize metrics and spot trends with historical graphs.
  • Collect custom metrics from your servers or post data data through the agentless API.
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Premium hosted website and server monitoring tool.

You're in safe hands. Trusted by businesses of all sizes.
2,000,000,000+ metrics collected each day
42,000+ servers monitored every minute
21,000+ alerts sent daily