Server Density v2 is coming soon available now!
Cloud management, server monitoring and website monitoring.

Control all your servers from multiple providers. Monitor every important metric from your servers. Get alerts when your website is slow or down. All the features you've been asking for. Faster. Better. Stronger. v2 - showing soon in a browser near you.

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cloud management

Server Density Cloud Management

Manage your infrastructure.
Rackspace Cloud + EC2

  • Control all your cloud instances.
  • Management via web, mobile and API.
  • Real time UI with grouping, searching, filtering.
  • Automatic monitoring of new instances.
  • Initial support for AWS and Rackspace.
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server monitoring

Server Density Server Monitoring

Monitor Linux, Windows, Mac, FreeBSD.
Get alerts when things break.

  • Group based alerts.
  • Webhook notifications.
  • Improved alerts management.
  • Multiple notification types per recipient.
  • Puppet, Chef and API agent deployment.
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website monitoring

Server Density Website Monitoring

Is your site up?
How fast is it?

  • Precise selection of check locations.
  • New check locations in US, Asia and Europe.
  • Improved check methodology to avoid false positives.
  • New request types: POST, GET, HEAD, PUT.
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